Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Ground-breaking News!!

It is soooo great to see positive focused trans-women excelling in society! From Laverne Cox holding it down on the Diddy show, and to now what I just discovered; Isis! America's Next Top Model will feature the beautiful transwoman Isis (see picture) The 22 year old model is from Prince George's County, Maryland where she was a non-profit worker. I wish her the best succeess on this next season as well as continued success to Laverne and other members of our community shining a positive spotlight for us! Stay tuned for a certain trans-dj to make some noise too! :)


Monica Roberts said...

Now if we can get a transsistah to run for Congress and win, it would make my year!

Anonymous said...

And when are you running, Monica?

Monica Roberts said...

In the wrong city for that.

They had a shot at electing a sistah to Congress here in Louisville back in 2000. 30% of the Black community STILL voted for a white female Republican (Anne Throwup oops Northup) with an 'F' grade on the NAACP Civil Rights Report card.

Anonymous said...

Monica, i hear the Louiville story and i have heard the way the black community is responding to a young transwoman wanting to be a model. I'm disappointed in my people.


Hi there!

I am sure you know this but Laverne Cox has her own blog!

I was very proud of Isis when she was on ANTM! I felt that she handled herself very maturely when others were being ignorant. I also liked the way she handled herself on the Tyra Show when she spoke to one of the former contestants about her "issues" with transgender persons.

I was disappointed that Isis did not go further in the competition but I felt that the judging was very fair.

I look foward to seeing Laverne and Isis on television in other projects!



@ Monica

You probably already know this but there is a PAC that focuses exclusively on transgender candidates.

Massachusetts has one too!

Maryland has one too!

More PACs need to emerge in every state and they need to have the funding to begin financing the campaigns of transgender candidates.

This is definitely where the bloggers can become activists and raise money online and start forming more PACs nationally.

Someone needs to start a blog that focuses SOLELY on transgender PACs that are emerging and spotlights the trans candidates that are entering the race all over the country.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!