Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Oy vey am I self concious!! I have been literally piling over pictures for the past two days to find an appropiate picture for my profile (you know one that doesn't look like crap when scaled down and whatnot) So in the meantime I am leaving with the transtablism flag I designed, it's the transgender pride flag with a recognizable DJ symbol; the record spider (aka 45 record adapter)ergo the name; "transtablism" was born. Trans as in transgender and tablism as in turntablism; maybe I will make a difference after all; the first transtablist haha!! In the meantime if you want to see what I look like and don't want to wait until photos are posted with entries then add me on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/goddesslola84 toodles! ^^



Hi there Ms. Lola!

I just wanted to congratulate you on the blog!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

SeaMonica said...

I hope you have a very successful blog. I was directed here by my good friend, Monica Roberts, because she mentioned the addition you made to the Transgender Pride Flag, that I created back in 1999. I love what you did to it! I feel honored that you selected the flag to place your symbol on. If you send me an E-mail, I'll let you know where you can get one of those flags and then you can have that symbol placed on there somehow and actually have a flag with your design on it. It would be great.

You can reach me at: monicahelms@earthlink.net and my blog is www.monicahelms.com/blog Take care.

Monica Helms